Mom and daughter portrait session – Kelowna Okanagan Family Photography – Suzanne Le Stage

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Mom and daughter relationships are so special. We look at our daughters as perfect little beings, revelling in their individual personalities, quirks, sparkly little eyes, their hugs & kisses. They grow so quickly, each stage a fleeting moment that we as Moms hope we never forget.

Judi and her girls Erin ( the eldest) and Kayla ( the littlest) came for a visit this past summer and we spent some time together while I took their portraits. A special surprise for Daddy!

I just loved how Kayla had to have her monkey in every image, he was part of her family after all. Growing up so quickly, she made her mom happy by agreeing to wear a dress! Still not too big to ask Mom to carry her through the field as it was a little tickle-y. – I like to make up words 😉

Erin in her last years before the teens begin, happy to hold her Mom’s hand as they walked. So sweet. Every now and then stopping to pick a flower and admire it. A little shy and contemplative, still a little girl, but on the verge of becoming a little woman.

Judy took it all in, such a loving momma. Lucky girls 🙂

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I'm your memory keeper. That in itself is the most important thing I do and the reason why I do what I do. Relationships, the stuff the makes the world go round and when asked what was most important to them, most people would tell you it's the people they love. So, I treasure capturing these relationships for you. I feel the importance of trapping these precious moments for you, forever. Sometimes at the end of the day, photos are all you have. Moments, people, emotions live on through them.

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